Capital Cooling (PTY) Ltd

“Ensuring your comfortability is our Responsibility”

Welcome to our Website

Vision statement

Our vision is not only to have happy and satisfied customers but to keep them happy for as long as possible through great service, cost saving advice and service. We endeavour to footprint satisfaction as we proceed in our venture.

Mission statement

Ensuring your comfortability, is our responsibility.

Business goals & objectives

Being in a competitive industry, our goal is to grow steadily and be different from the rest. Going the extra mile and ensuring our staff a great future with accredited skills and training. 

Economic intent

In the past years we did not have the technology of today where electricity bills were astronomical due to non-inverter units, speed drives etc, whereas today we have the luxury of that technology. In today’s economy it is crucial to cut cost in any possible way and Engineers designed cost saving equipment to lower electricity bills making it more affordable to run Air conditioning. We intend keeping it that way by promoting Environmental Friendly Equipment to best suite our client’s needs and meet their expectations as well as to keep in consideration the importance of global impact.

Business concept

We do anything pertaining to the HVAC industry.

Business competitiveness

Being in the HVAC industry in South Africa, makes the competition very competitive due to our climate and over the years people have noticed that and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Today in South Africa there are numerous HVAC Companies. Its skills, workmanship, experience and price that sets you apart from the rest.

Business model

We are not office bound. We are out there in the field making another client happy.